DSI MTX Marching Shoe


The MTX, introduced in 2001, is traditional marching footwear. You can be sure your feet will be protected and comfortable.
DSI MTX shoes are constructed with man made vinyl uppers and have a lined insole to wick away moisture. These shoes have a molded, reinforced heel for stability and comfort.


Experience superior performance with the Precision Marching Band Shoe: DSI MTX. These shoes are constructed with durable man-made vinyl uppers and a moisture-wicking lined insole, ensuring ultimate comfort and endurance. The X-TremeTrak sole provides excellent traction and durability, perfect for marching on both grass and artificial turf. The ridged sole at the toe balance point supports quick maneuvers with enhanced stability and braking. Additionally, the molded, reinforced heel ensures cushioned support, conforming to your foot for improved form, technique, and movement.